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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Imagine Now

On imagining a desired result:

"But do not imagine this in future terms, but in present tense.

In other words, it is already accomplished, and it will then be
fulfilled in physical reality.

And do not look *anxiously* about for [results], to check whether or
not this is working..."

" not dwell on the physical inconveniences in your immediate
environment, for this only brings about their continuance.."

"The poor do get poorer, and rich do get richer, because the poor
become entrapped by their projections of poverty."

"...think of it as already accomplished..."

"...Imagine your surprise, delight and gratitude, as if the events had
already occurred."

"Imagine it in the future, and it will be in the future."

"Imagine your reactions as if the events were already accomplished
physical facts. Embellish them as much as possible. Then forget them.
The feeling of expectancy is all important, that in the end all good
can come today."

Not Manifesting? This Book is for You!

"You have denied your powers. No one has closed you off. You have
closed yourselves off."

"Abundance is a good word to use, for it signifies a free and easy
access to all pleasurable things, including creativity, mobility, both
mental and physical, and easiness of flow of any kind.

The word itself is the antithesis of restraint, and is an excellent
word for you to use and understand."

"When you realize that health and abundance are natural, and illness
and limitation are unnatural, then you are free, free to develop, to
use what you have, to give and take."

"...imagine the result, not the means..."

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