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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Visualization

Last night I finished my second reading of a book on visualization that I'm recommending to everyone !

Adelaide Bry - Visualization - Directing the Movies of Your Life

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If you are into the Law of Attraction you know that an important aspect for manifesting your intentions is through visualization. So read everything you can get your hands on about the subject of visualization, and mental imagery.

The best visualization coaches that come to mind are Maxwell Maltz, Adelaide Bry, Shakti Gawain, and Claude Bristol. These coaches are the top 4 great writers among the thousands. Here is Adelaide Bry's classic bestseller. A rare gem that I dug up and hope that you put in good use!! As always if you find this information useful support the author.

The classic bestseller shows you how to use mental home movies to discover what you want and get it!

Visualization: Directing the Movies of Your Mind (Perennial Library)

This unique audio program teaches you the theory and practice of visualization and perhaps even more important how to develop the trust and self-confidence to make it work for you! Discover what scientists, doctors, athletes and executives have proven: What you can visualize, you can have!

� Learn three forms of visualization programmed, guided, and open-screen (receptive) visualization
� Stay healthy, and recover more rapidly when you do become ill
� Expand your mind, your creativity, and your problem-solving talents
� Improve and deepen your personal relationships

The Mental Home Movie method is easy to follow and easy to use. Harness and apply the powers of your imagination to make your subconscious images conscious, and reshape and refine those images into what you want them to be. Detailed techniques and sample scripts immediately get you on your way to achieving your dreams and goals in life.

Continue filming your movie one scene at a time, each day. You will attract whatever you need as long as you remain faithful to your moviemaking techniques.

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