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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Manifesting Desires

Spirituality is a great launch point for me because I was raised that way. I resisted it for a long time, but now that I understand Manifestation and Spirituality, the words of the Bible make SO much more sense to me now. I took away the dogma and rules and regulations and was left with the truth. This might not be for everyone, and that's ok, but here's what I know....

In the original Greek language of the Bible, the word repent means "to turn back and change your thinking". The word sin means "to miss the mark or point". So, if you are living in sin and repent.... You stop missing the point and turn back and change your thinking.

This is what happened to me when I began to embrace giving.

I can sit in the midst of what some mights see as "struggles" and I don't worry about it. I know that I am part of God and I'm right where I should be at this minute and no matter what, everything is alright. I ask for what I want and then I let it go. I do what I can to feel good. Many of us find the "feel good" by going out and helping a neighbor or friend or even a stranger.

I personally LOVE committing random acts of kindness. Not because it makes me a good person but because THEY ARE ME AND I AM THEM! We are all manifestations of God in physical form.

It's as if I'm helping myself by helping someone else, because in REALITY, there IS no one else... there is only the consciousness that is ME! I like the ocean analogy.... I also like the one that I made up that is.... God is like a body and each of us is like an appendage. We are directly connected to God and simply an extension. One foot may not be able to see that it's directly and inseparably connected to a hand, but it is. They are one and the same. Just at different ends with different purposes.

The point is.... if your consciousness is observing ANYTHING on this planet.... it is consciousness observing itself in a different form. I feel WONDERFUL when I give and help because I AM the human race. If I can raise the consciousness of another or add joy unto another, I'm raising the consciousness and adding joy unto the WHOLE. And if I'm adding unto the WHOLE, then I'm adding unto MYSELF... because there is NO "myself". There is only ALL. All is one.

So... I don't give of myself to be a good person... I give of myself to add my consciousness to the whole of the Universe because as I add unto the Universe, so the Universe adds unto me. The more I give the more is given unto me. I have such a giving spirit, God ensures I continue to give by making sure I always have more than I need.

In the end, the more I "thank" about... the more I have to "thank" about. The more I give, the more I have to give. The more I love, the more love I receive.

I used to be grateful for my family, my health, my things, etc.. Now I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a part of my family... for the health that I have, good or bad, because it means I am alive... for the things that I have because if I have them, I can give them. I'm not attached to any of it anymore. It will all come and go throughout my life, no matter what I do, so I love it all and share it all and when it passes on, I look forward to what it's absence is making room for in my life.

If I want something to come into my life and I don't immediately see evidence of it's manifestation, I assume I'm not looking in the right place. I stop and look at what's here. What opportunities are presenting themselves to me? Who needs me? What can I do, right now, that will have an impact, large or minuscule, on someone else? I can't tell you how many times amazing opportunities have fallen right into my lap because someone I was GIVING to was the exact person I needed to meet to find the path I was looking for! I don't see it as ME and THEM. I see it as US. If I'm giving willingly, then there's nothing that can be TAKEN from me. And no matter what, I will ALWAYS have what I need, so the more I GIVE, the more I'm opening myself up to people and opportunities and joyful interactions and love.

To the opposite side.... the more I seek for only ME and try to hoard and keep things only for me and try to protect things from being taken, the more I am cutting myself off from all the amazing abundance that is EVERYWHERE for me to have. How can I see everything all at once to know what I have to choose from if I don't meet the people and go to the places and experience the things that are the doorways to the abundance?

Basically, I agree that I'm at point A... and ask to be taken to point B... then through giving of myself and seeking joy and sharing joy, God shows me which way the path winds so I can arrive at point B, happy and unscathed.

But if I stand at point A... and ask to be taken to point B... then sit down and refuse to move, God could show me the path all day long but I'd never see it because I'm not seeking, I'm sitting.

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