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Monday, February 16, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Awaken !

If you don't act upon the knowledge you have then you are asleep.

It is time to "Awake O sleeper!

On this level you can take that command, "Time to Act" and "No longer drink
only water, but use a little wine for your stomach's sake." Water symbolizes
the psychological life. In the second chapter of John, the story is told of
Jesus filling the stone jars with water. Now, stone is the symbol of literal
facts and water the symbol of their psychological interpretation. When you
repent by changing the literal facts to conform to your fulfilled desire,
your water has turned into wine, for wine is the application of the truth
that you have heard.

If I heard you were ill, saw this literal fact but wanted to turn this water
into wine, I would see you healthy. Then I would repent by actually
persuading myself that I am seeing you in the perfect embodiment of health,
and so persuade myself of this fact that when I think of you I can see only
health. When I see only this new, healthy you in my mind's eye I have drunk
the wine of fulfillment and won't bring you up any more, as I know what you
want to be pictured in my world.

Tonight take the literal facts of your life and turn them into the
psychological truth they represent. Now, instead of drinking that water,
turn it into wine by applying the knowledge you have and repent. Do not be
remorseful or feel regretful, but when you see someone in need, fill it, for
he is only yourself pushed out.

We all fell as one man, but became fragmented and we are all being gathered
together again into that one man who is God. There is only God. While we are
fragmented we see others and are at war with self. Seeing an aspect of
yourself, you think he is another, but he is not. If your little finger is
hurting and you think it doesn't matter and cut it off, you would be cutting
off a part of yourself. So, do not discard another, but change that which
you formerly despised. Change each person in your mind's eye, then wait and
you will see them conform to the state you have formed from within.

The world is forever echoing the changes taking place in you when you stop
drinking the water by absorbing the psychological meaning of scripture and
applying its message by drinking the wine. Drink wine from now on and change
your world. Make it conform to the ideal that you would like to have. That
is acting, and God only acts and is in existing beings or men. If you don't
act upon the knowledge you have, then God is asleep in you. It is time to
"Awake O sleeper! Why sleepest thou O Lord? Awake! Do not cast us off
forever. Awake and rise from the dead."
Awaken your Self !

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