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Monday, February 9, 2009

Manifesting Desires --Just Thoughts

Keeping in mind that EVERYTHING begins as a thought...
Two thoughts: first, a theoretical idea to start the ball rolling
toward the practical uses of manifestation, and second in future
emails, I would love to hear more of your stories about
manifestation, and I would offer to submit my favorite experiences
manifesting things in my life and stories from my students' and
clients' lives--if you would be interested in hearing some really fun
(and some amazing) stories of manifestation.

So on to the challenge...

When I teach my students in my courses about intuitive/psychic
development and manifestation, I differentiate between "ability"
and "skill." To illustrate, I ask them about a very gifted athlete
like Michael Jordan. We'd have to agree that Jordan is even today
considered one of the best. He has ability and skill that far exceed
the majority of people on this planet and, indeed, most professional

...but let's ponder something...

If Micheal Jordan had been born in Siberia (or any area of the world)
where he could not have played basketball at any significant level,
would he still have the ability or the skill to be the world's
greatest basketball player? Most folks I've taught quickly realize
that he would have the ability but little skill. He could not have
developed the mindset, the hand-eye coordination, the playing skills,
etc (you fill in the blank...).

In my personal life when it comes to manifestation, there are many
people much more gifted than I am magically/psychically/intuitively,
but the difference between them and me is that I've spent literally
weeks, months, and years of my life developing what ability I have to
the highest skill level possible (and I'm certainly not there
yet...). I have spent much time building the "faith muscle" which
most "Manifestation Practitioners" would call essential to being

We have little control over what ability we may or may not have
whether genetically inherited or spiritually given. My question and
challenge to you is what are you doing to help yourself develop that
ability into skill(s) for manifestation?

Again if you are intersted, I'll submit some stories from my life and
my student's lives in future emails. By the way, thank you for those
of you who have already posted some of your own stories. I really
love reading them.
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Manifestation is such an amazing topic! I'm exciting to hear about
what you are doing in your life to manifest your goals and dreams!

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