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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Quantum Jumping

I am so excited. I have something wonderful to share...

But first, are any of you familiar with Burt Goldman?
You may know him as the American Monk, as he is
popularly called.

Well, let me tell you a little bit more about Burt. He
has the ability to pick up and master new talents
and skills -- despite his age.

A few years ago, Burt went from amateur
photographer to gaining recognition in the
Photography Hall of Fame in just a matter of

He then went on to publish novels, learn to sing
and record CDs -- not ever penning a story in his
life or sing a show before.

And his success is STILL coming in despite the
bruised economy. In fact, just last month, Burt got
signed on with ArtFest International Inc for the
production and distribution of his paintings.

And here's the most astounding part....
Burt is 81 years old!!

Yes, at 81, Burt's not just attracting success, he is
manifesting NEW talents. How on earth is he doing
it? That's what I wanted to know too!

Finally... I got my answers at Burt's teleseminar.

Here's the most astounding part... Burt says his true
secret is in Quantum Jumping between parallel

He says he has mastered the art of tapping into
parallel universes to manifest new talents and
abilities, and then bring it back to this reality.

This secret was released last year to 110,000 of his
followers and his course has become wildly popular.

Good thing they still have the replay of the teleseminar
so the rest of us can get his Quantum Jumping secrets

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