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Monday, February 9, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Reclaim Your Grace

Well, you certainly are a mixture of the Divine and the Human.
Sometimes it seems to Me that you accuse and defend yourself at the
same time. You are the prosecutor and the defendant. Believe it or
not, you are more divine than you are human. Oh, yes, you focus on the
human, and you do not always seem to come from a place of divinity.
Because you do not always come from divinity doesn't mean that you are
not it.

Your humanness covers a wide range. Your divineness does do.

A great artist who creates splendid works may, on occasion, also make
a painting that doesn't come out right. He does not have to hang that
painting on his wall to remind himself of the day his painting was
less than it could have been. Does his careless or tired movement of
the brush amount to a fatal flaw? Must the artist carry a low picture
of himself from then on and have to forgive himself, or does he simply
go on to painting a new painting?

So is it to be the same with your actions and thoughts and words. If
you didn't know better then, you do now, and that is good enough. No
more self-flagellating. No more telling yourself you were bad and
wrong and not good enough. You are good enough. It has to be that you
are because I made you, and you are My child created of Myself.

Look, if you strayed from your foundation of love, simply come back to
it. Leave the past alone. Yesterday was yesterday, and today is today.
I love you irrevocably. I see your bright light and not all that other
stuff that you repeat to yourself over and over again like a litany of

Once you were a child and thought as a child. Once you may have been a
naughty child and thought as a naughty child. You are not branded less
than God's child. There was a moment perhaps of misbehavior, and that
moment is past, and now, today, this moment, you can be once again
what you were meant to be. Release yourself from bondage.

Perhaps once you had a broken toe. It healed. Whatever break from your
Divine Self that you may have had, you can let it heal. You don't need
indictments against yourself. You don't have to pour salt on the wound.

Even if you believe you have spent your whole life as a reprobate,
today you can be otherwise and serve well. You can serve Me and the
world the way you wished you had. You have been the naysayer of
yourself, and now all you have to do is to say Yes to yourself, and
carry your Yes as a flag before you.

You are led by your thoughts. If your thoughts led you down dark
alleys, exchange your thoughts and enter a terrace or wide avenue that
is beautiful to walk on. If someone can enrich life on Earth, then why
not you? In Heaven's name, why not you?

This is the point I make again and again. The past is behind you, and
you have to leave it there. You can not feed yourself from the laurels
of the past nor can you hold yourself in contempt from the past. Walk
away from the past. This is your baptism, beloveds. Go forth. Do not
keep looking back.

If one time you cursed, now you can bless. Give yourself permission.
If once or a dozen times in your mind you fell from grace, now give
yourself permission to accept back your grace. It is yours to keep, so keep it.

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