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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Allow Yourself

The seven laws of attraction are all about how your way of thinking affects the general course of things. What happens to your life is the direct result of your thoughts and of your awakening of this process. If your mind is filled with fear and uncertainties, you will likely attract tragedies and sorrow. If you focus on the good stuff, your life will be filled with the same - healthy relationships, enough money, and deep contentment.

Quantum Physics support the seven laws of attraction. According to it, our minds transmit electric brainwaves to the universe and the nature of these brainwaves determines the things that come to us. Negative vibes attract negative things and they come in tangible forms such as accidents, failures, and inability to deal with life. If you want to experience awakening and a good life, you need to learn how to manipulate the laws of attraction so that you only get the good things.

These are the seven laws of attraction and their explanation:

1. The Law of Manifestation
Your thoughts manifest as reality no matter how big or small they are. You get what you wish for because the universe has a way of delivering the goods without you knowing about it.

2. The Law of Pure Intentions
Believing is the key to achieving something. Most religions credit faith as a very important virtue becomes of its ability to give you what you desire most in life. Desiring something with doubts and fears lurking at the back of your mind will only attract negative things. The seven laws of attraction operate based on the purity and intensity of your thoughts.

3. The Law of Magnetism
Energy is unlike matter. It attracts its own kind and pushes away the opposite. Energy is everywhere - in us, around us, beyond us. In order to attract nice things, we need to send out positive energy from within ourselves.

4. The Law of Corrupted Desire
Desperation contradicts the laws of attraction because it is a negative feeling. When your want to experience awakening, you should be logical, calm, and composed. Your mindset should be positive and filled with only the good thoughts - hope, faith, and love.

5. The Law of Harmony
The universe as whole acts as one. It has a single rhythm and purpose beyond all the chaos that you see everyday. You should be in harmony with nature in order to allow its power to rule your life.

6. The Law of Morality
As a human being, you possess a conscience and this directs your actions daily. You have an ability to distinguish right from wrong and you need to always act upon what is right in order to bring about peace and order in your life.

7. The Law of Influence
As tiny as you are, you are part of the infinite cosmos and your actions influence many people. Your circle of influence extends far beyond your friends and family so you need to be responsible of your actions especially when using the seven laws of attraction. The choices that you make today echo throughout eternity.

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