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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Just Do It

There is still a lot of talk and buzz about the Laws of Attraction. Using the Laws of Attraction is called Manifesting. So how do you use this new manifesting concept? The new gurus tell you that it is the Laws of Attraction that cause you to have what you have. This is true but, there is a bit more to it than what you think.
One of the keys that they leave out is a very important key; taking action.
What they don't tell you, and what you haven't learned, is everything that you have now, is because at some point in the past you decided to get it, and you decided to take action to achieve it.

You may not have realized you were using the Laws of Attraction, but you did. You thought of something, took action on it and it came into your reality.

If you decide you want a thing then you have to define what that thing is. You can decide to win the Olympics, but what sport? When you have defined that then you must learn the skills for that sport, and compete. The gold medal will not just fall into your lap while sitting on your couch. Here is the shocker; you will have to earn it.
You can be whoever you desire. You can have whatever you desire. You can do whatever your heart desire that you do. Don't be shy in making a request from the universe. Don't think you can't ask for more if you have so many blessings already. You can be and achieve all that you desire.

So what makes you think that anything you want in the future is going to happen for you any differently? There is an old saying that is a secret key that has been hidden in plain sight, "If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you already have".

Here's the most important key to your success:

Those who take action; succeed.

Those who do not take action; do not succeed.

Once again, the steps are to think of a desire, take an action, and bring your desire to reality. Your desire can be anything; if you can think it, then it can be done.

Don't be afraid to receive what you desire. You have asked for it and it was granted to you, now accept what you have created. Acceptance is being prepared for all the attachments and responsibilities that go with what you asked for.
Lastly, I must give you a serious warning: Be very careful what you ask for; as you will get it. What you get will be what you asked for, but not what you desired. So make sure you know what your desire is before asking for it.

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