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Monday, February 2, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Appreciation Matters

If you spend some time appreciating all of the things you like, you'll have a much better life, so I'm going to appreciate some of what I've manifested, can you make a list of 100?

I appreciate each of these (ome more than others)
1. Flirting with the woman I love.
2. My pets that are so friendly and loving to me all of the time.
3. My friend Lynne for her care and support and ease to be around.
4. Long walks I know I am getting lots of healthy exercise on.
5. Time to myself, all alone, with internet and tv, and a good book.
6. Affection from the woman I love!
7. Wonderful sound nights of sleep!
8. Going to movies.
9. Paying off debts for good.
10. Having $100 in my purse to imagine spending over and over and actually spending!
11. Free desserts that are my kind of sweets.
12. The show "Heroes" is back as of tomrrorow night, watching it.
13. A warm home, and a great comfortable bed to sleep in.
14. Getting along with my family members.
15. Knowing my friends appreciate me.
16. Getting new jobs!
17. Feeling loved by friends.
18. Riding my bike.
19. Coca cola (it's the real thing).
20. Graduating from college.
21. Having lots of work to do at my own pace.
22. Being able to visualize/meditate.
23. All of my friends who hang out and go out for meals, and movies with me.
24. Opportunities to become more assertive that are kind and gentle as they happen.
25. New reading materials.
26. My primary support group.
27. Scott, my good friend.
28. My computer.
29. My old job, I can go back to if I choose.
30. Feeling a part of activities/groups.
31. Being of service and helping others when it's possible/comfortable.
32. Learning to love me.
33. Being excited and enjoying wonderful creations/attracted things/experiences.
34. Flowers! All of them. Gardens, etc.
35. Music, some of it anyway, soft, and hard,
36. Thanks from people who tell me I have taught them something.
37. Sweet foods.
38. Salty Foods.
39. Having women I love say "I love you" in return.
40. Finding out I can choose from lots of new types of employment.
41. Getting gifts from friends I love.
42. Making love with the woman I love.
43. Being held by a woman I love.
44. Dancing with friends.
45. A blue clear sky.
46. Books with knowledge in them to learn from by people I admire.
47. Movies, lots of wonderful acting and plots!
48. Staying close to old friends I love.
49. Living alone.
50. Knowing I am fit and trim and healthy.
51. Being so glad a moral compass is always right there with me and inside me at all times.
52. Planning my future.
53. Getting unexpected mail from friends!
54. Turning things over to the Universe to take care of.
55. Cadbury Chocolate.
56. Hot tubs.
57. Going to the ocean.
58. Staying in posh hotels!
59. Having lots and lots of spending money.
60. Staying overnight at homes of friends.
61. Pepperoni Pizza.
62. Seeing cute little kittens.
63. Going to the zoo.
64. Seeing the smile of the people for whom I care.
65. Knowing I am the woman that I love's only desired man.
66. Holding the hand of the woman that I love.
67. Getting unexpected money!
68. Scarlet and Grey gifts from mom.
69. Selling my talent successfully.
70. Job interviews for jobs I really want.
72. Being loved truely by All the people in my life.
73. Great new job opportunities I easily qualify for and will be hired to do.
74. Being appreciated for my ability to solve problems in the work place.
75. Having great relationships with my boss.
76. Great dreams.
77. Being appreciated by my friends.
78. Being considered very valuable to my friends.
79. Being able to pay my bills in full.
80. Going on optional easy, inexpensive comfortable trips.
81. Flying first class to destinations I want to go to.
82. Being treated like a prince sometimes by the woman I love.
83. Having my family meet the women I love.
84. Being able to give gifts to the woman I love, especially the DVD I made.
85. Selling my writing.
86. Talking to family online.
87. Talking to friends online.
88. Having my family need me a little.
89. Being appreciated by my family.
90. Wearing a great fitting suit.
91. Being able to do things for the women I love when they are in need and ask!!!
92. Going to museums, learning new things.
93. Being accepted and adored by people I love at all times.
94. Making art work.
95. Doing little things for my mother.
96. Seeing my mother.
97. Spending lots of quality time with the woman I love.
98. Committment and quality relationships with those I love.
99. Getting lots of things done in a day easily.
100. Sleeping next to the woman I love.

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