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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Eliminate Negatives

Knowing what you don't want can help you better understand what you do want.

Here is a simple exercise or ritual anyone can do that is very effective. Make a list of what you don't want in your life. Write it all down. Don't leave anything off. I suggest putting a star by anything you don't want that's an
absolute. Some things that we don't want in our lives we can tolerate, other things we cannot.

Now, find a place to perform this exercise or ritual.

Do anything that is comfortable to you that creates a mental barrier between you and your list. I like the circle of power exercise on the CD program called the guarantee. You can check it out at:

Visualize yourself in a protective circle of Light and power, while the
list of the things you don't want is safely outside your circle.
(The things you don't want are no longer a part of your life; you
will begin making massive changes to get them out of your reality.)

End your exercise or ritual with a declaration that even in holding
the list in your hands, these things that you do not want in your life,
cannot return to you or within your circle of power.

Okay, do this for several days. Really get into it. Make it
physical; don't just do this all in your mind. Keep the list in
an envelope when you are not performing this exercise.

After about 4 days of doing this, more if you want to be sure, you will
do something special. You will rewrite the list, however this time,
rewrite it in the positive. For example; if on your list you wrote,
"I don't want a negative work environment," then you will
rewrite this to read, I expect a positive work environment where
everyone works in harmony from the board of directors to the
custodians." You can word it anyway you want. (Please keep
in mind that the Universe will attract for you whatever you expect.)

The Positive list you will carry with you everywhere. You might want to
read it over and over. There are some very empowering things you
can do with this list as well, but in the meantime, burn the list of the
things you don't want. Now you are ready to focus more on what
you really want to attract into your life. Plus, whatever you
attract into your life will not be filled with gunk.

This is a simple exercise; I challenge any of you to do it for four
days. I think you will be shocked as there are some powerful attachments you might have made with the stuff that you don't want in your life. (May be
stronger than you are aware of.)

Are you attached to poverty?

Are you attached to rejection?

Are you attached to ill health?

Are you attached to a bad relationship?

P.S, We all have negative things we are attached to. Don't be
suprised if you are attached to some negative aspects of your life.
Just do the work and make the changes. You can attract anything
you want.

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