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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Duality

The concept of duality is extremely interesting in terms of
manifestation. This world has been called the world of duality in
several different philosophies, West and East.
Interestingly the Hall of Initiation in the Egyptian mysteries is also
called the Hall of Two Truths. In many initiation halls a visitor will
find that the floor is covered in black and white squares... this is
worth meditating on and of course relates closely to the importance of
On another angle, we have the Kybalion, a well known book in mystical
circles that can be downloaded from the web.
In the Kybalion there is the concept of force on a double axis. That,
for example, an emotional state can have a negative (-) and a positive
(+) pole. Every concept has two ends. All again is duality.

The Kybalion hints at the idea that all is actually illusion however,
stating that really everything we see is actually a part of our Mind -
and the higher mind. "The all is Mind".

So bearing this "in mind" :-) it becomes clear that manifestation will
occur based on what is in our mind. anyone see another reference to
"The Law Of Attraction" again?

The purpose of most initiatory, mystical and magical training is to
help us harmonise aspects of this 'mind' so that we can eventually
manifest in our world things as we want them without other
disharmonies affecting this. Disharmonies being due to imbalance in
the elements of our minds.

There is alot more to this, but ultimately if we wish to create our
world, we need to consider its duality and also how we reconcile it.

Lifting the Veil of Duality

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