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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Envision Success

You can direct your life internally and
escape the prison of your present state regardless of what it may be. By
thinking from the point of view that the problem is solved, you move from
the problem to its solution. This change of attitude is called the
Be-attitudes. In other words, you are "being" what you want to be by
assuming that you already are it. When you know what you want, consciously
clothe yourself in a new concept of self by extracting your "I" from the
evidence of the senses and placing it in the place you want to be. By this
assumption (or be-attitude), you have journeyed from one state to another.
"And I, if I be lifted up, I draw all men to me."

Once you have lifted yourself up into the new states abide there! Do not
come back to the testimonies of your, senses, but remain in your desire
until a different world is established. Every change in the feeling of "I"
automatically produces changes in the external world; therefore, you must
learn to die daily to your old beliefs. The statement, "Those who lose their
life for my sake will find it," means letting go of all that you now consent
to. If you lose it, you will find your "I" reclothing itself on a higher
level of beings; thereby causing a new expression in your world.

When you go in a new direction, the journey is made in the mind. A physical
journey may follow, but the journey must be made on the inside first. Where
you are, is what you psychologically are at that moment.

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