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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- It Is Possible !

I have been working on something for a few weeks now and finally have the results.

I am currently living in a rented apartment in an old converted house. I have lived here for two years now; but have grown increasingly unhappy with my living arrangements. I had tried to buy a house of my own, but have had no luck finding a place that I can afford in an area where I would be happy to live.

I thought that I should have tried using the Law of Attraction again, but did not – I could not work out what was blocking me from this action. After taking a break from work I realized that I could not envision such a feat, if I was realistic I could not afford to buy the sort of house I wanted, as the repayments are well beyond my ability to pay. I had been told this by my bank and a mortgage broker also.

This led me to rethink my long-term plans for my life (no bad thing either) I decided to rent a house instead, this would bring two benefits –

1/ I would be living in a better neighborhood – and away from my noisy neighbor's

2/ it would give me a breathing space to work out where to go next, I was finding it too difficult while surrounded by the chaos I live with now.

I decided that I was not going to move until I found exactly what I wanted. I later realized that this was part of the problem – I had never been clear on what I wanted. My next step was to write a list of all the features that I wanted in my new house. The list went as follows –

1/ a working fireplace

2/ a larger living room than I have now

3/ a minimum of two bedrooms – also larger than I have now

4/ a garden or paved yard – so I can have an outside space of my own

5/ a larger kitchen than I have now

6/ a house with a cheap rent –preferably the same as I pay now

7/ I am willing to decorate the house at my own cost to get somewhere at a cheap rent

8/ a house in a district where I would like to live – not somewhere that I live in for financial reasons.

9/ a living room with old varnished floorboards – not new boards

10/ old-fashioned box sash windows instead of modern ones

I started on my search within a few days. After two nights coming home from work and checking web sites with property for rent I found a house that looked really special (for me at least) a cottage style two story, two bedroom house - with an unusual layout for this city. It had a nice front garden full of shrubs and a young tree. At the back was a walled backyard – very private.

I agonized over it for a day or two – the problem was the rent was more than I could afford. I arranged to see the house late one day after work. The house needed work, mostly redecoration – nothing major. I made an application the next day to rent the house anyway, I still did not what to do about the rent. I had spent the evenings visualizing myself moving into the house, having my friends and family over to see it, and as Joe Vitale advised – sleeping in that house every night.

I left work early the day after seeing the house and went to the agent’s office and handed in the completed application. While I was there she decided to check it over. This is where it gets really good – she suggested to me that if I took the house as it stood and decorated it myself that I might get it at a cheaper rent. I asked her to check it out and let me know.

The agent’s office closed for a few days over Presidents' Day, so I had another few days to get to work on my visualizing the perfect outcome. I got a call from them the Wednesday after – I had got the house. Pending the return of good references I could rent the house at the exact same rent I am paying now. They arranged for me to sign the lease which I have already done. I get the keys and can move in on March 1st.

I later checked with my current landlord and my line manager at work; whom I had given as references – neither of them where asked to provide a reference! I suppose you may be wondering if I had got the other features I had wanted in my house? Yes – I got every single one of them!

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