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Monday, February 23, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- My World

Everything in my world is illustrating what I feel about me
Relationships in all their fancy disguises appear as I feel they

All appears as my mind and heart tell it to...issues manifested for
my observation ...

I can either face these issues directly or pretend that they are not
a part of me...

Either way

The issue is still within me
until it is resolved

I will continue to do these relationships until I finally decide to
take a look in me and see what mind set is keeping these
relationships alive in my life...

Once I realize the Power I have to make my world exactly the way I
wish it to be .... I have a choice to dismiss this power and proceed
as though I AM a victim of my world or I can take this Power -
starting anew - and make my life what I desire it to be...

All in my world begins and ends with me

I AM the Power that fuels my world

All that I see is the effect of my internal strengths and my

When I merge with the Power of Love within me...

I consciously begin designing a world where Dreams Come True...

A world where I Know the outcome of every situation ...Because of my
conscious part in creating it...

I begin to see that I AM the Master of my World...In this Power I
give as I wish to receive....Loving all as I desire to be
loved....Spreading Joy and Caring through out my Kingdom...

When Love is the only sound that I hear in my head
and feel in my heart ....I AM in Heaven

Heaven is where I was born to be...wayward guides have mis-directed
me - Now is the time to take back the Power that was given me by the
Highest Power of ALL...The One that is Only Love....

~May we know who we are in every moment and teach all who they are by example.~

Have Joe Vitale as your personal coach !

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