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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- More On Duality

The key is to hold opposites in tension - not preferring one over the other,
not avoiding nor seeking, but accepting and seeing what light the
'opposites' shed on whatever is being done/thought, so that the 'middle way'
is clear. It does no good to talk about a middle way/pillar, it is to be
done something with.

Existence being possible because of the dual nature - obviously, right down
to the quantum level even!

Oh, for those referencing the Bible: "Be holy as I am holy." Holy can be
well understood as being complete (wholly,having all 'parts') and completely
balanced (embracing all 'parts' in their proper role).

I can affirm that accepting duality/polarity is the first step. Second is
accepting each of the 'parts'. Then can come the 'crisis' of mingling them -
the smoke of which goes right up through the middle.

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