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Friday, February 6, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Stillness Beckons

If you can stand perfectly still
and assume that things are as you would like them to be,

but at the moment they are not,
well, then, you can say, "I remember when."

Well, many years ago I had this vision. I was taken in spirit in what would
be the turn of the Century in New York City on Fifth Avenue, when they had
these huge palatial homes, fully staffed, for these great financial giants
of the day. This was before income taxes took it from them. If you made ten
million, you kept ten million. You spent it, but you didn't pay anything in
income taxes. So, these palatial homes were all on Fifth Avenue, and they
kept their stables on the West Side. They were enormous homes. A few were
left when I came to New York City in 1922. The Vanderbilts and the Astors -
they were still there. But I was taken in spirit into the interior of one of
these palatial places, and here there were three generations. The oldest of
the generations was not present. The man speaking spoke of him as "Father,"
but he was the grandfather of those addressed. There was the grandfather,
the father who was speaking, and the children whom the father addressed, and
he was telling the secret of his father to his children, and he said,
"Father used to say, while standing on an empty lot, 'I remember when this
was an empty lot.' Then he would paint a word picture so vivid that you
could actually see it as he painted it, with the building standing upon it,
although it was an empty lot.

And he believed in the reality of what he did. And now you and I are
enjoying the fortunes that he left behind. That was his secret: I remember
when. and then he painted the word picture. He knew exactly what he wanted
for that lot."

Now, that was the secret. I awoke and wrote it down. Then I fell asleep
again and redreamed the dream, but this time, instead of eavesdropping and
hearing a man telling his children what his father did to become successful,
I became the grandfather. I was not talking to others. I was simply
communing with myself. And I was saying to myself, "I remember when this
thing was only an empty lot. Well, look at it now!"

Well, you could take that same technique and do it concerning anything in
the world. "I remember when I didn't have a job." "I remember when he had no
money." If I say, "I remember when he had no money," that would imply that
now he has money. "I remember when he couldn't contribute to any charitable
cause in the world. In fact, he was on the receiving end!" That would imply
that to-day he can contribute and he is on the receiving end.

Well, that was a lesson that was revealed to me. For we are told, "In a
dream, in a vision of the night... he opens the ears of men, and sealeth
their instruction" (Job 33:15, 16) in the form of a vision. It was told me
so vividly, so I share it with you. If you can stand perfectly still and
assume that things are as you would like them to be, but at the moment they
are not, well, then, you can say, "I remember when."

Now, remain faithful to the vision and forget the appearance of the moment.
The appearance tells you it cannot be. Reason de-nies it, and your senses
deny it. But if you take this revelation which was given to me as it is to
everyone - because all these dreams come from the depths of a man's soul; it
is speaking to the surface mind. The surface mind is now telling you what it
heard in the depths of its own soul. And the depths of my soul are one with
me. Your soul is one with you, for there is only one God.

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