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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- We Are Each God

These are my opinions, and I urge you to follow your own inner
guidance at all times.

In general, the entire universe is created anew at every conceivable
moment, by "virgin" or new energy from the Source.

The reason that any moment looks similar to the one before it is
because of our beliefs, ideas, thoughts and focus which perpetuate the
current situation, whatever that may be.

At the moment we change those thoughts and beliefs, at the very next
conceivable moment, the Universe begins to shift and instantly respond
and change, via manifestation, to our new influence upon It.

We on earth, currently inhabit an energy field; the objects around us
and our bodies are patterns of Divine energy that have assumed those
shapes and properties according to our mental patterns.

We each voluntarily chose to engage in a "sustained focus", a
lifetime, within this energy field called Earth.

The point of power lies in each moment, because at any moment we can
begin to alter the shapes, nature and properties of any object, or
event, including our own bodies.

We are each God incarnate.

After death, or during illumination here, we will discover an amazing
truth about "God's" future.

We often think that we exist, separate from God, and God's future is
"over there" somewhere, perhaps controlled by God.

Instead, we CREATE God's future, since we are God.

We are not bystanders.

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Each choice we make affects the future of God, and our future of
course, and those futures are One and the same.
When this Oneness is deeply realized, our responsibility to be mature,
loving creators becomes quite obvious.

The desire to be even more spiritually mature and achieve states of
being that allow for amazing loving creations is born within us and
burns like a fire in the belly.

Imagine if you will, the most impossibly loving angel, radiating
complete unconditional love, a compassion, giving and grace that is
stunning, whose mere Presence elicits from all around her a sense of
awe, love and joy, just knowing that such Beings of Inner Beauty exist
in Creation. They do.

At the moment we deeply realize our Oneness, we also sense the
potential of being like that Angel, *and even more* within us.

We sense our own Infinite potential, for love, growth, creativity and
are thrilled to our core at just the fact that we exist at all, let
alone this vision of our own incredible personal destiny, this Divine
blueprint especially for us.

Each of us is in a state of becoming.

As we each assess our own strengths and weaknesses, we see those areas
within ourselves that need expansion. As beings in a state of
becoming, we all have such areas.

Such expansion can certainly happen on the so-called Astral plane, but
the fire in our bellies drove each of us to seek a faster way.

By adopting specific scenarios within this physical energy field, by
engaging in a sustained focus where specific conditions are present,
we meet those conditions suited exactly for us and no other.

In general, the more difficult the conditions, the faster the
expansion can happen.

So we each bravely dove in to that pool, we even purposefully forgot
that we made such a wise choice, and so here we all are.

This physical reality *is* a Spiritual Reality, no less spiritual than
any imagined heaven or astral plane.

Everything has a purpose and meaning, and the framework of each of our
lives has a special deep meaning, as we each seek out those
circumstances best suited for our own personal destiny.

Before birth, we will even feel drawn to those circumstances via
larger patterns the manifestation, that somehow that life is exactly the right
place to "be".

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