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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Weather The Storms

The Cape of Storms. Swirling waters where a thousand ships went down, on a
night, perhaps, similar to last night, here at the very point of
Africa. This most beautiful of coastlines witnessed the end of the
dreams of many, many people, where two oceans meet.

Looking out at another stormy day, I thought of dreams. Lost dreams,
forgotten dreams, dreams that we had for ourselves and gave up on.
Which led to our believing that we were living in a universe that was
dangerous, that we had to look out for ourselves, that there is "above all" lack in this world. Far too little to go around for all of
us, leading to jealousy and possessiveness that made us feel unworthy,
every time they cropped up.

Abraham says that we are not broken. And I choose to believe this. I
choose to believe that nothing needs to be fixed, that we create every
single second of our experience on this beautiful planet, that there
is enough to go around for all of us, and then some. That we can hold
a vision of an earth that is green and beautiful and friendly and safe.

And above all, that dreams don't have to die. Your Inner Being is
steering you to safe waters, if you would only believe. If you would
start by giving yourself permission to even entertain that concept,
you already start the process towards your bridging the gap between
who you are and who you are becoming. And truly, it is a process, like
the Law of Attraction, which just is รข€" it happens quietly, inexorably,
moving you to the realization of those dreams that you have given up
on, those childhood wants that everyone dissuaded you were silly, that
relationship that you never thought would come into your life, the
abundance which you never thought you would see.

If you look out across the choppy waters of your life, keep your eyes
fixed on the horizon. Lock on to your safe shore and let nothing
dissuade you from knowing, always knowing, that only you can create in
your reality, that the advice of others only pertains to themselves,
that in the end, you are strong enough to withstand all the storms,
even if you think you are not right now. That you manifest all the
help that is coming to you now, that you manifested this message and
the people you are attracting into your life, right now, to see you
through this stormy night.

You are never alone. You are never lost.
Get used to the idea.

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