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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Have Faith

"Some men see things as they are and say, 'Why?' I dream things that never
were, and say, 'Why not?'" Why not? The world tells me it can't be. Why not?
Are not all things possible to God? And did not God become me, that I may
become God? Well, if he became me, I can't dissect the body and find him in
an atom. I can't find him in the brain. I can't find him in any organ of the
body. Therefore, where is he? Just where is he? I am told in Scripture he
has a name, and this name is his name forever and forever, and the name
defined is: "I Am." Well, that's the core of my being. I can't put it aside.

I sit down to imagine. Who's imagining? I am. I have never been able to put
"I am" out there and look at it. It is the being perceiving, not the thing
perceived. It is the being making, not the thing made. It's the being
creating; not the thing created. And man stands amazed at his own creations
- and forgets the creator. He falls in love with all the things he makes,
and he forgets completely the maker; and the maker is "I Am." There is no
other maker. There is no other God.

So, when I found that out, I knew that when I went to Barbados, I was
actually sleeping in my mother's home in a bed that I knew well, and it was
warm. I could feel the warmth of the tropics. I could detect the odors of
the tropics; they differ from the northern world. All the things that are
related to the tropics, I detected. Well, who is doing it? I am. I can't get
away from it. Is that God? Yes. Well, he didn't take a train there. No,
there aren't any trains. He didn't take a plane? No, there were no planes
then. He didn't take a ship? No. He simply was there. Wherever I assume that
I am, I am there.

And, so, if I can assume that I am elsewhere, to the point that some one
like my sister actually sees me there, well, I must be wherever I am in

One day I had occasion, while in New York City, to assume that I am being
seen by my sister, whose son was desperately ill, age 17, and riddled with
cancer. No one knew what was wrong with him until they opened him, and then
he was too far-gone. The whole body was completely riddled at the age of
seventeen! And they say that if you are young when you develop this, then
like all young things, it grows. If you are developed to the age of sixty or
seventy, the chances are you won't die of it because things aren't building
then. You are only marking time. But youth is growing. Whether it be a good
cell or a bad cell, it simply grows rapidly. So at the age of seventeen he
wasn't feeling well. They wonder: what's wrong with the boy? And some one
suggested going in and taking a little look on the inside. They thought it
might be some appendix or some peculiar thing there. So they opened him up
and sewed him back - not a thing they could do. The whole body was simply

Well, to comfort my sister, I thought I would put my body physically in New
York City and assume I'm in Barbados. I'm in my nephew's room, and when my
sister enters the room she is going to see me, and not her son. I actually
assumed that I am there. I am occupying the same space that my nephew Billy
occupied, and then when I felt it natural, I assumed that my sister came in.
She came in, and she came over and she looked, and she couldn't see any one
but her brother. I came out of that silence. I came into the living
room where a friend, by invitation, had arrived for a cocktail, because I
had said: "Drop by at the cocktail hour - it's around 5:00 o'clock, and
we'll have a drink." I went into the silence around 4:30, and I didn't come
out until maybe after 5:00 - 5:15 or 5:20. So when I came into the living
room, she said: "What's wrong with you? You are always so happy and
light. Why do you seem so heavy now?" and I told her what I had just done.

Eight days later (we had no air mail coming, but had to depend upon mail by
the sea), eight days later I received a letter from my sister. She said:
"dearest brother, I don't understand it, but this very moment I went into Billy's
room and I could not for the life of me see Billy. I am seeing you. I walked
right over to the bed, and I looked at my son, and he is not there, and it's
you! And you're looking at me and smiling. And I could not - I tried and
tried and tried, and Billy was not there; it is you. I don't understand it. If you have any knowledge or anything about it to throw light upon
this, tell me." That same lady was there eight days later, and I brought her
letter out that I had received that day and showed it to her. So I had two
witnesses: my wife and this lady. So, I know that I must be wherever I am
in Imagination. So I tell you: don't treat it lightly. You can put yourself
in prison, and find yourself committing an act of which you are totally
unaware, or accused of something of which you are not aware, and going to
prison. People put themselves there. People put themselves out of it. People
don't realize, not a thing is happening by accident. It's all by unseen
causation. So you actually move yourself into states emotionally, and dwell
in [them] just for a split second. And you jump back - or you think you jump
back. You did. But the bridge is now about to appear, and across the bridge
of incidents you walk, leading up to the fulfillment of what you did

So, this is what I mean by faith. "Faith is the assurance of things hoped
for." You hope for it? Well, now, the assurance is faith. Faith is not going
to make it so. Faith is loyalty to the unseen reality. You know what you
did? Well, now, that's unseen by mortal eye. Now, you remain loyal to that
unseen reality, and see how this bridge of incidents is woven, and you do
not consciously devise it. No man can consciously devise the incidents
necessary to lead you to the fulfillment of what you've done. Well, this is
what I mean by faith. The very substance of what the world calls real is
unseen. It's unseen reality.

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