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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Imagine It All

I am telling you what I know from experience. When I didn't have a
nickel and desired a trip that would cost me well in excess of one thousand
dollars, I dared to assume that I was where I would like to be, and I viewed
the world from that assumption. Instead of thinking of it, I thought from
it. Then I thought of where physically I was, and I saw that place in my
imagination two thousand miles to the northwest of me. And I slept in that
assumption. And then in a way that I did not consciously devise - I had no
way of knowing how it would ever work, but in a way I did not know, it
unfolded, and that assumption hardened into fact.

On the strength of that, I tried it again and again, and when it worked, I
began to teach it. I began to tell others that their imag-ination is the
cause of the phenomena of life. This was long before I realized the Promise
as they call it in Scripture. This was only the Law of Attractions.

No one can stop you from imagining. No one can stop you from
imagining that you are secure, but you may say I have no one in this world
to whom I could turn who would leave me a penny, and I have no money. I am
beyond the age where they would employ me. And you could give yourself a
thousand reasons why it could not be. He is not asking for any reasons. Can
you imagine? Well, who can stop you from imagining? That's all that concerns
the Awakened Man within you.

Can I dare imagine that I am what I want to be? Well, I can. I've done it
unnumbered times. I've done it successfully for many that I love dearly and
many that I do not know. I have failed often, too, but the failure is in me,
it is not in the Law.

Imagination plus faith is the stuff out of which we make the world. We are
told all things were made in this manner. "He calls a thing that is not seen
as though it were seen, and the unseen becomes seen." (Romans 4:17)

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