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Monday, March 23, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Stop Waiting

Do you wait for things to change. Do you sit on the outskirts of your life like an observer, giving your power to what you believe to be outside of you – circumstances, other people, events….

Yet at the same time you say you create your own reality and you believe that. You say that you are understanding more and more than there is nothing "out there", nothing outside your creation of your personal reality and the people who play their parts in this movie that is your life.

You are often unable to reconcile the two – you apply your knowledge of the Law of Attraction, your newly found tools (or newly re-discovered tools regarding cosmic law, eternal law) to things that are not that important in your life … and when the big stuff come up, things that impact directly on your life, you revert back to old systems, old settings, and you become fearful and anxious and once again the small people that you were before, and you climb back on that fence and wait. Wait for better days. Wait for things to change, more money to come, that job to be open up, your life to unfold. You revert to the old way of living, which never worked for you, but your fear drives you backwards.

When will we be able to say – a new door has opened in front of me and this feels so good, this feels like me, more than ever, and I am going to follow the light that beckons through this door and walk through it and KNOW that I am creating the Best Me that I possibly can, the Best Life …. That I do not have to wait because if waiting is what I am doing, then waiting is what I will eternally be doing, as the Universe brings to me more of what I focus on.

Step through that door, choose love over fear, know that the passion you will feel, the freedom that is beckoning to you will unstuck you from you current dilemma, that you have found the solution, created the solution to your problems and the answer to your dreams… and now that the door is open – what are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

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