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Friday, April 24, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- 10 Tips

The current economic "crisis" has people looking at themselves in the mirror, especially professionally as this is usually the main source of their income. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are also re-evaluating how they do business and what they can do differently to create more income. For those that are fairly satisfied with their incomes, they are seeking more ways to stabilize and secure that income.

What is really going on here?

What is going on is a realignment of values. We are all in the process of re-examining and redefining who we are, evaluating our individual value and projecting that value in a strategic way to influence others for the better. We are doing this globally, nationally, corporately and individually.

As a result, the current economic climate is a huge and wonderful opportunity. Small business owners want to make sure that they are going through this process personally as well as taking their business through this process. It is no longer effective to just try and do "what makes the most money."

Who are you?

In defining who we are, we are reassessing our skills. I used to say, "I am a lawyer." But truth be told, that is not the sum total of my identity. Now I say, "I practice law." You are not your job or your career or your business.

Now that you understand that you are a separate entity from what you do to create earnings in you life, who are you?

You are the sum total of your values, beliefs, emotions, experiences and thoughts that reside inside the shell of your body. However, you are not limited by any one of these things.

As you remember who you are and what you are, you will discover that the values that define you. Your core values are the expression of the most important things in your life.

If the truth be told, many of us have not worked in alignment with our core values and desires. Do you know what your values are? Is your work in alignment with those values?


One of my clients was a real estate attorney. She loved real estate law and right out of law school joined a law firm that focused on real estate transactions. Eventually, she worked in each of the areas of specialization of the firm: commercial real estate closings, residential real estate closings, real estate litigation and foreclosures.

She ended up being assigned to the foreclosure department permanently. She quickly discovered that she hated it. She kept trudging along and did her job well. However, she found no passion or delight in her work. She worked long hours and gained a reputation of being a diligent attorney. Then, she fell sick.

It was one of those illnesses that was not easily diagnosable and she was tired and lethargic all the time. She started making mistakes at work and yet she could not pull away.

Fast forward to the end of the story: She was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. She was fired from her a job in a lot of shame and disgrace as her errors caused the company huge losses. Nobody else wanted to hire her and she fell into a deep depression. She is now a part time professor of real estate law at a prominent university. She also procured her real estate license and even with the current state of the economy, she has been able to make a few sales. She is symptom free and happier now.

As she coached with me, we discovered that she loved teaching and loved real estate knowledge but she did not enjoy putting people out of their homes. She did enjoy putting people in homes. In fact, now she will not help buyers who are looking for investment property. Prior to this her inner being, her value system, was telling her things were off. She was unhappy. She became sick. This was the only way her emotional mind could get the attention of her rational mind.

This is what is happening to many people right now. They are financially sick. Their finances are communicating very succinctly that their financial blueprint is not in alignment with their core values. The financial crisis, the financial illness, is a call to re-evaluate living and earning money from that place where your core authentic values flourish.

What is your value?

Not what are your values; but what is your value, your worth? This evaluation is not from a place of your needs. If you calculate up your bills for the month and say that you have to earn $20,000 so that you can pay the mortgage, pay your utilities, the car notes and have some money over for food then you have not even begun to understand who you are.

Each and every person is so worthwhile, so valuable that we cannot put a price tag on that value. Please do not put a price tag on your value. Your desire, goal or intention to earn $20,000 this month does not mean that your value is $20,000 per month. Get your energy properly aligned. If you are human and breathing, your value is infinite. Your perception of your current value is a reflection of your connection with your purpose. As you get into your spiritual journey, your financial blueprint will reflect your infinite value as a spiritual seeking being.
Are you aware of any limitations that you place on your value? Are you aware of your wants? Not just your needs? Not those wants that temporarily satiate our addictions. Those wants that speak to our greatness and our hearts desires. Are you aware of your authentic wants?

Your thoughts create your beliefs. Your beliefs create your emotions. Your energy is a reflection of those beliefs and emotions. Your energy is your emotions in action. Your energy influences how you think about problems. You energy is a strong attractor or repellant to those whom you want to influence. You energy is what opens you or closes you up to possibilities.

Influencing Others.
So you have to align your values with your value and now you are ready to influence others.

The third step is to project that value in a strategic way to influence others and add value to them.

This is where many "conscious entrepreneurs" may miss the boat. Are you just trying to sell a product so you can pay your bills?


I know, I have been in that place before. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pay your bills. In fact, it is a wonderful thing that you want to keep your word to those that you have an obligation to pay. But do you realize that every act you take towards your customers has to come from a place of creating value for your client? Guess what? It is not about you.

Is it your dominant intention to add authentic value to your client's life, needs, wants or goals?

If you are in alignment in the manner I have described, where you know your values and your value and your marketplace interaction is to extend those values to influence your marketplace recipient, you will be in the flow of all the finances that you want.

Here is your ten step the action plan:

1. Get honest with yourself. Be conscious and aware.
2. Know who you are. Know your values.
3. Evaluate whether you are living your life in alignment with your values.
4. Make corrections
5. Know your value.
6. Evaluate your alignment between your values and your value.
7. Evaluate your energy
8. Deliver to the marketplace from the alignment of your values and value.
9. Be persistent
10.Enjoy making money. It is merely a reflection of your interactive energy in the marketplace.

Do you know that you have an Inner Genius that is amazing and wants to be awakened? As you tap into your Inner Genius, you will become more powerful and unstoppable as you live a purposeful, passionate and financially rewarding life.

If you would like to develop skills that keep you constantly in the flow of your value, preciousness and the incredible assets that lie within you as you create a wonderful and powerful life, visit HERE.

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