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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Money Manifesting

You have the power to manifest money. It all has to do with the Seven Laws of Attraction. Never mind that you don't have a stable job right now. Never mind that there is an economic crisis. They are not as important as your belief and mind power.

The important thing is that you program your inner self to attract wealth. You have the ability to manifest money if you would only allow yourself to achieve it. If you want to know how to harness that power, read on!

Manifest Money Tip # 1: Cast Aside Doubts.

You must first believe that you can do it, that you are a magnet for money.

Don't let the usual "But that's impossible" or "This isn't for me" thoughts hinder you from getting what you want. These negative thoughts and emotions are what will keep you from attaining success.

Manifest Money Tip # 2:
Decide How Much.

To attract money, you need to specify exactly how much you want. Do you want a 10% raise in your salary? Or maybe you want to generate a certain amount of cash for a vacation trip to Hawaii. Whatever the amount you wish to manifest, set your intention and concentrate on it.

Manifest Money Tip # 3: Focus On Feeling.

Think about how you would feel when you finally hit your target mark. The joy... The fulfillment... The gratitude... Close your eyes and concentrate on what it would be like to finally have the money in your hands. These emotions ultimately set the Seven Laws of Attraction working for you. Your feelings hold tremendous power.

The Seven Laws of Attraction makes anything possible, including giving you the power to manifest money. Keep in mind that second guesses have no place in your life. They will only hinder you. Be decisive about the amount you want so the universe will know just how much you'll be given. Focus on your emotions because they are your ticket to success.

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