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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Abundance

You can manifest abundance into your every day life by thinking of the positive things and people that you want to enter into your life. The key to manifesting abundance is positive thinking on a day to day basis and most of all patience. By felling positive your natural energy will be positive and the laws of attraction and abundance will be on your side.

How we think
and how we feel on a day to day basis affects the reactions that we are going to receive from the natural energy of the universe. For example, if you have lunch at a restaurant and the waiter is not very polite and does not smile at you or act friendly, do you feel like giving that waiter a tip when you have finished? And if the waiter welcomes you with a real wide smile and stays that way throughout your meal, do you feel like giving him a tip?

Attracting a positive abundance depends solely on your inner energy, if you feel half heartedly that you are 'going to be ok' that you are 'going to earn more money' etc. then you will spend your life waiting for that moment to come and in the end, you will stop believing all together. If you feel that you will never reach a better stage in life or that you do not deserve a better life then you are continuously sending that message to the energy in the universe.

The laws of attraction and manifesting abundance is a lot easier than it seems once you know how to use it. As simple as it may sound, positive energy attracts positive energy, the same as negative attracts negative. It is quite difficult to create a positive manifestation every day, but if you are capable of changing your state of mind and therefore changing your energy, it does not affect you if you are around a negative pull of energy.

To manifest abundance in your everyday life you need to stop yourself getting agitated and angry about things that are out of your control and spend your time visualizing what you want to achieve. Visualize the outcome that you want, feel the emotions that you want to feel with your positive outcome and you will start to become inspired to be able to achieve your goal.

Once you control the laws of attraction and manifesting abundance, you will begin to see the change in your energy and the positive effect it has on your life and the life of those around you. There are many resources available to help you through the process of changing your natural energy. Remember that gratitude of what you have already and what you know is going to come is the main key to abundance, be thankful, be happy and your energy and emotions will align themselves in a positive way.

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