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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Think Positive

Why do we have the knee-jerk thought responses that we do? Over time our (predominant) thoughts- no matter where they originate or how they come into our heads- become our beliefs. A belief is, at its root, a thought repeated over and over (and over). As children, we are bombarded with impressions- other peoples' thoughts (beliefs) about ourselves, money, health, relationships; basically, the world-at-large. However, even as adults, we are not immune to this 'information exchange.' Viral effects have existed long before the internet.

For me, as a child of an alcoholic, I grew up to see the entire world through a very negative lens. I have spent years debunking the myths (beliefs) that were passed down to me or 'taught.' That's a whole other post in itself but, no matter the flavor of the dysfunction, the point is that our thoughts are driven by our beliefs which are driven by our thoughts and the vicious cycle can be broken. It must be broken in order to change our experience- we must change our beliefs- our 'story.' We all have a 'story' and that story is the compilation of our repetitive thoughts and beliefs and consequently, our overall experiences.

"What do you believe in?"
About yourself, about money, about your personal value, about what you can achieve, about challenges and difficult situations when they arise? The fact is, if you are like many, your thought process operates under beliefs such as 'money is the root of all evil,' or that by 'having a lot of nice things means you're stuck-up or not nice person,' or in order 'to have something you want you must sacrifice,' or 'you're doomed to have (insert health ailment here) because your parents had it', or the infamous 'life isn't fair'. These are just some general, commonly-shared (mythical) beliefs.

When you think about it,
logically, how can you have a positive money flow if you believe it is the 'root of all evil' or that you just won't ever have any or enough? If you believe that you will never lose weight or that it is extremely difficult to do so, how can you expect that you ever will or that you will have an easy time doing so? It just doesn't work. The same is true for any area of life. Ask yourself, "Are my thoughts & beliefs in alignment with the kind of life I want to experience and live?" Moreover, "Are my thoughts & beliefs even mine?" Limiting or downright outrageously-erroneous beliefs set the stage for a lifetime of false expectations.

It is not only shifting your thoughts to be more positive that will gain results- you must also believe in your new beliefs. Supercharge the process by expecting it to happen as assuredly as you expect the light to come on when you enter a room and flip the switch. Changing your expectation of things is also another key.

By now, you undoubtedly can see the domino-effect and/or pattern here; your expectations are the outcome of what you believe/beliefs (which are driven by your thoughts), and it's pretty darn accurate that you usually get what you expect. Think thoughts that support beliefs that bring you in alignment with that which you are wanting to have or experience- believe and expect that it will be.

And the Final Jeopardy question: "Who are you not to expect the best- and get it?"

"One comes to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement be true or false. It comes to be dominating thought in one's mind." -Robert Collier

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