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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Being grateful

Being grateful by definition is being appreciative or thankful I wonder how many times we actually consider what we are grateful for? Maybe if we all did this more often we would realize what we have. From the air that we breathe and the fine body we have to breathe to everything else we can think of.

I guess it's easier to think of all the things we haven't got (yet), or more likely the things we don't want.
If we have a choice and I truly believe we do - which way of thinking feels better? And why not choose to feel good feelings and from those good feelings feel even better ones in every area of our life. I can't really see any good reason not to, can you?

Let's try (that's if you want to play?)

• think of all the things we haven't got,
• think of the things you haven't done
• then of the things you have but don't want.
• Think of the things you have done and wished you haven't

And that feels like what?

• Think of all that you can or could be grateful for ~
• health,
• loved ones,
• relationships you have or have had,
• experiences you have enjoyed,
• the clothes you wear
• where you are right now
• the nature that surrounds you, trees, animals, the sun or the rain
• and what else could you be grateful for?
• and what else?
• Maybe being you

And that feels like what?

Now that was only a quick exercise but I think, well I know which feels better.

What if every morning when you awake and night time just before you sleep you were to think of all that you can or could be grateful for. If you did this just for one minute how great would your day be and your night's sleep be?

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