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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Finding Grace

Finding grace in the dark

When we are immersed in confusion, change, when we feel as if we are in limbo as events and changes swirl around us, we need to grasp, to hold onto something. The more desperate our need, the more desperate our search for some kind of stability. And the more desperate we are, of course, the more difficult things become as we focus on them almost obsessionally.

It is a process. A process which moves us forward in our self created construct of stability , change , confusion , reestablishment of stability , stability,... in an ever continuing cycle, over and over. And every time we go through this process, every time we allow ourselves to float weightlessly on the wave of the new unknown, we discover that we trust the process, that we trust our ability to come out the other end in one piece, more and more.

Familiarity with the process and the results of the process, as well as familiarity with how we create these things and how we benefit from them eventually bring us a sense of calm as we move through change.

The knowledge that we are so much more than these human selves, the ability to tap into that part of Ourself acts as the bridge to our discovery of Who we really are. It can happen in leaps and bounds, as we are experiencing during this time of enormous change.

It is uncomfortable, at the very least, and can feel catastrophic as we feel almost out of control of our lives. Yet there is an innate knowledge that we do sail these ships, these lives of ours, that the waves on this immense sea can feel life threatening, but we also are sometimes able to appreciate the magic of our own Creation, the magic of the God that we are, able to create lives that are so intricate, so well woven, that we mistake it for the real thing time and time again.

Every time we gain control of our lives, every time we go through changes and confusion just to emerge again with new wisdom and a higher vibration, we do what we came here to do; create and experience.

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