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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Positive Thoughts

The Laws of Attraction state that "Like attract Like" meaning vibrations of similar frequency will attract. Since the release of The Secret, I've spoken at numerous events and I'm constantly asked "why doesn't the Laws of Attraction work for me?" You may be wondering the same thing which is what has attracted you to this place in your NOW physical time-space reality.

The Laws of Attraction work perfectly and do not differentiate between what's positive or negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings the law simply attracts and manifest. The Laws of Attraction never stop, they're constant and your purpose is to become conscious of your ability to work in perfect harmony with this law. To flow in harmony with the life energy requires you to become aware of the Universal 'Law of Allowing'. This is where many experience the most difficulty, the 'Law of Allowing' is allowing people, life situations, and circumstances to be as they are in this moment. Many resist "what is" and this is what causes the feeling of worry, fear, anxiety.

Our feelings are our way of knowing if we are allowing or resisting the flow of life energy, here's an example...A person in your office is loud every morning and they say the rudest things and the sound of this persons voice drives you nuts. This is not allowing what "is", why does it offend you so much what another person says or does? Because you are resisting, you're not allowing that person to be who they are without judging them. Many worry over life situations like money, relationships, and health because of not allowing. If you bank account does not has 7 zeros in it don't resist what is and get frustrated about what you don't have. Accept what "is" at the moment in the NOW and figure out what you can do to improve the situation.

What holds many back from their deliberate manifested lifestyle is resistance and always wishing things were not like they are. Let me clarify that it's our right to desire to live the best life we possibly can and to do that we must concentrate on the things we want not the things we don't want. If you want more money concentrate your thoughts on abundance and having more money but at that moment you must cease any thought or discussion of not having enough money because this is resistance to the flow of the life energy that is attracting more money to you. So many people are conditioned to discuss every reason why they "can't" have this or that and that's completely insane. The Abundant Life Source inside this physical body is always in search to be more, do more, and experience more. The problem lies in peoples resistance to growth due to fear of not having enough or not being good enough.

This type of thinking is what causes disease (dis-ease) being unconscious of the Life Source within and the Universal Power that govern the world. When you ask for anything you must concentrate your focus on feeling good and finding something positive in all life situations, this creates a vibration that is one with the Life Source and you then become conscious of your true "I" which causes the Universe to open up and yield your desires to you. Be conscious of your Inner Light that is the source of all things, know that your purpose in this experience is to enjoy this life and constantly evolve into greater consciousness and awareness of who you really are. Know that all that you seek is seeking you also and to bridge the gap between where you are and what you want requires that you align your vibration with Life Source and this is done with feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and love because these are your true qualities and the certain way to experience the joy of "Being" and to receive all that we desire.

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