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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Another View

This world is like a virtual reality game. We're all speaking about the same thing. We're just using different words. Yes, there are choices within the game that have consequences attached. These consequences are neither good or bad. They simply ARE the result of our choices. But if we don't like the consequence of our choice we say it was a bad decision. The consequence is our lesson it is nothing more than that. No one or no thing is punishing us because of it. If we are upset it's because we are choosing to be upset. It is WE who are labeling the situation.

I think of the Bible as something more than an spiritual bookt. I actually view it as an ancient scientific one. For example....In the Bible it refers many times to the "sins" of the father are passed on to the 3rd and 4th generation. (I'm not a Bible thumper just hear me out.) People have taken this and screwed up it's true intended meaning. "Sin", for example, is a ancient Greek archery term that means "missed the mark". And "evil" is an ancient Aramaic archery term which means "missed the mark". So, what these terms are indicating is that when people are missing it, making the wrong decisions, they will pass this on to their children.

To take this concept even further...Today scientists have discovered that our genes are our book that describes who we are hereditarily. Something they've recently discovered about this is that there is a substance called epigenomes which is the interpreter of our book. So if we do something to harm this substance then this substance doesn't interpret our book correctly. What scientists have found out is if your great great grandfather was in a famine you could have a child who dies of crib death, or if your great great grandfather was a smoker, you could die of lung cancer even if you never allowed one cigarette in your presence. The "sins" (missing the mark) of the father passes on to the second and third generation.

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