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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Truths

I have found during the last few months (months during which I have
been exposed to contact with people I would never have imagined I
would meet, amazing people) that we are all so human. That what we preach is so often what we most need to learn, and perhaps by teaching those principles that we do not quite get yet, that we have not
integrated in that FEELING place where they make the most difference,
we manage to allow ourselves to learn in the easiest way.

We are all fragile and eternal. We have absolutely nothing wrong
with us yet we constantly question our sanity. We worry about issues
yet we teach that worrying about issues makes them more solid, more
real. And so I have come to understand that the path of awakening, the
path of re-learning all those truths that underlie the permanence of
the stars and the universes out there and inside us is one that
takes us through the same deserts and the same arid valleys, even if we
are at the head of the pack.

I have learned that we learn while being mentors, that what seems so
obvious to us today may be just as hidden from us as from those who
come to us for answers and it all happens from one moment to the
next, as our reality morphs with our changing beliefs and our changing

We are all ephemeral energy, shimmering shapes, living a long lifetime
of discovery, conjuring up our own dragons and demons as well as the
angels who appear just when we have given up hope.

And all is ultimately well.

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