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Friday, February 6, 2009

Manifesting Desires -- Notable Quote

You are, at this very moment,

drawing into your world that which

you are now conscious of being

Jesus discovered this glorious truth and declared himself to be one with God
- not a God that man had fashioned. For he never recognized such a God. He
said, "If any man should ever come, saying, 'Look here or look there,'
believe them not, for the kingdom of God is within you." Heaven is within
you. Therefore, when it is recorded that "He went unto his father," it is
telling you that he rose in consciousness to the point where he was just
conscious of being, thus transcending the limitations of his present
conception of himself, called 'Jesus.'

In the awareness of being all things are possible, he said, "You shall
decree a thing and it shall come to pass." This is his decreeing - rising in
consciousness to the naturalness of being the thing desired. As he expressed
it, "And I, if I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto me." If I be lifted
up in consciousness to the naturalness of the thing desired I will draw the
manifestation of that desire unto me. For he states, "No man comes unto me
save the father within me draws him, and I and my father are one."
Therefore, consciousness is the father that is drawing the manifestations of
life unto you.

You are, at this very moment, drawing into your world that which you are now
conscious of being. Now you can see what is meant by, "You must be born
again." If you are dissatisfied with your present expression in life the
only way to change it, is to take your attention away form that which seems
so real to you and rise in consciousness to that which you desire to be. You
cannot serve two masters, therefore to take your attention from one state of
consciousness and place it upon another is to die to one and live to the

The question, "Whom do you say that I AM?" is not addressed to a man called
'Peter' by one called 'Jesus.' This is the eternal question addressed to
one's self by one's true being. In other words, "Whom do you say that you
are?" For your conviction of yourself - your opinion of yourself will
determine your expression in life. He states, "You believe in God - believe
also in me." In other words, it is the me within you that is this God.

Praying then, is seen to be recognizing yourself to be that which you now
desire, rather than its accepting form of petitioning a God that does not
exist for that which you now desire.

So can't you see why the millions of prayers are unanswered? Men pray to a
God that does not exist. For instance: To be conscious of being poor and to
pray to a God for riches is to be rewarded with that which you are conscious
of being - which is poverty. Prayers to be successful must be claiming
rather than begging - so if you would pray for riches turn from your picture
of poverty by denying the very evidence of your senses and assume the nature
of being wealthy.

We are told, "When you pray go within in secret and shut the door. And that
which your father sees in secret, with that will he reward you openly." We
have identified the 'father' to be the awareness of being. We have also
identified the 'door' to be the awareness of being. So 'shutting the door'
is shutting out that which 'I' am now aware of being and claiming myself to
be that which 'I' desire to be. The very moment my claim is established to
the point of conviction, that moment I begin to draw unto myself the
evidence of my claim.

Do not question the how of these things appearing, for no man knows that
way. That is, no manifestation knows how the things desired will appear.

Consciousness is the way or door through which things appear. He said, "I AM
the way" - not 'I,' John Smith, am the way, but "I AM," the awareness of
being, is the way through which the thing shall come. The signs always
follow. They never precede. Things have no reality other than in
consciousness. Therefore, get the consciousness first and the thing is
compelled to appear.


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